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The Tastelab is all about Cooking & Science.

Here, innovative and effortless cuisine is served with the Hows and Whys behind the simplest but also the most elaborate cooking techniques. 

Specializing in the dreaming up of breathtaking temporary gastronomy projects as well as tailor-made caterings - from the design of custom-built pavillions to the creation of themed menus and the accompanying science content - the TASTELAB team has proven that eating is never only about the food but also the story, the surrounding and most of all, the “food for thought”.

Originally founded by five ETH-Alumni with a shared curiosity for science and passion for cooking and eating and officially recognized as an ETH-Spinoff in August 2017, the team has been active in this field since 2015.

Together with their friends and partners in and around the city of Zürich they organize exciting and tailor-made pop-up projects, caterings and other food-related projects, just like the completely sold-out TASTELAB project on Polyterrasse in May 2016, the annual mini-pop-up at WEF Davos since January 2017 in collaboration with ETH Zürich or their five month residency at a temporarily empty restaurant at Kreuzplatz where the projects SHELF LIFE and CHALAIT came to life. 


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FoodLab GmbH
Siewerdtstrasse 10
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Everything in life happens for a reason. And that reason is usually physics.